Pictures of Other Creatures

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 horned lizard.jpg (667644 bytes)  Short-Horned Lizard.  Phrynosoma hernandesi  White-lined sphinx.jpg  Hyles lineata (White-lined Sphinx) larva eating sand verbena flower
 pdog3.jpg (47969 bytes)  White-tailed Prairie Dog, Cynomys leudovicianus     Melissa blue.jpg  Melissa Blue (Plebejus melissa)
 DSCN0664.jpg (2143088 bytes) Juvenile Desert Cottontail   Cottontail.jpg (114345 bytes) Adult Desert Cottontail
 pdog2.jpg (47797 bytes)  Prairie Dog  pdog1.jpg (34170 bytes)  White-tailed Prairie Dog  
 buprestid.jpg (92316 bytes)  Buprestid beetle  wren3.jpg (30331 bytes)  Rock Wren nest with patio
 HL Shedding.jpg (678745 bytes)  Horned Lizard Shedding  wren2.jpg (63627 bytes)  Another Rock Wren patio
 HL squirting blood.jpg (339795 bytes)  They do squirt blood !  Jackrabbit.jpg (111899 bytes)  Jackrabbit
 Collared lizard.jpg (344345 bytes)  Collared Lizard (just off site)  tenebrionid beetle.jpg (600568 bytes) Tenebrionid
 grasshopper1.jpg (707058 bytes) A series of Grasshoppers   grasshopper2.jpg (682746 bytes)
 grasshopper3.jpg (900511 bytes)  grasshopper4.jpg (300880 bytes)
 Black widow and fly.jpg (220999 bytes) Black Widow with fly  black widow and wasp.jpg (222840 bytes) Black Widow with wasp
 mantis.jpg (425097 bytes) Mantis nymph  cicada.jpg (110592 bytes)  Cicada
Sagebrush checkerspot checkerspot.jpg (119026 bytes) Sagebrush Checkerspot  Leopard lizard.jpg (1013378 bytes)  Leopard Lizard
checkered whiptail.jpg (111709 bytes) Painted Desert Whiptail  Cnemidophorus tigris
Striped Whiptail.jpg (134493 bytes)  Plateau Striped Whiptail Cnemidophorus velox
Grasshopper on barbed wire.jpg (68758 bytes)  Grasshopper on barbed wire--Shrike larder Phidipus.jpg (129601 bytes)
tiger beetle.jpg (64365 bytes)  Tiger Beetle wasp mating.jpg (90379 bytes) 
Wind scorpion.jpg (94504 bytes) Wind Scorpion Wolf Spider.jpg (206495 bytes) Wolf Spider
rabbit eaten by eagle.jpg (242908 bytes)  After a Golden Eagle eats a rabbit Prairie dog view.jpg (177347 bytes) Prairie dog views the world