Pictures of Ants

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queengroup.JPG (73616 bytes)   Males and females on a saltbush at a mating swarm
explant.jpg (695496 bytes)  Experimental Explant
lek.jpg (147975 bytes)      Mating swarm Myrmecocystus founding1.jpg (653781 bytes)   Myrmecocystus mexicanus founding burrow
       One-year old nest Myrmecocystus founding2.jpg (678153 bytes) Myrmecocystus mexicanus founding burrow
      Mature nest stick nest.jpg (686739 bytes) Pogonomyrmex stick nest
Mature nest Camouflage tent.jpg (685913 bytes)  Tent to hide data collector
Sage Lek.JPG (332580 bytes)  Mating Swarm Camouflage tent1.jpg (686040 bytes) Tent with thermocouple wire to nest
Lek closeup.JPG (645223 bytes)  Mating Swarm closeup Thermocouple at nest.jpg (691480 bytes) Thermocouple at nest entrance
Camponotus vicinus.jpg (74429 bytes)  Camponotus  Rugosus queen.jpg (187557 bytes) P. rugosus queen exiting nest 
Formica male.jpg (117950 bytes)  Formica male Formica with caterpillar.jpg (117536 bytes)  Formica with caterpillar2.jpg (107011 bytes)   Formica with caterpillar





The size of the colony does not necessarily indicate the age of the colony.  Click on the colony numbers to see the nests of colonies that we know to be at least ten years old.   All pictures have the same Swiss Army knife for scale.
                    Small colonies:  917 ,  939
                    Medium colonies:  804 , 885 , 909 , 979
                    Large colonies:  639 , 640 , 799 , 890 , 1003 , 1004