QCD phase diagram and heavy ion collisions

Research topics include:

  1. Bullet Investigation of the QCD phase diagram, order of the phase

    transition, existence of the critical point and its dependence on the

    model parameters

  1. Bullet Hadron Resonance Gas model and its applications

  1. Bullet Light mesons in a deconfined medium, mesonic correlation functions,

    screening masses

  1. Bullet Transport coefficients of the deconfined medium, microscopic origin

    of its ideal fluid behavior

  1. Bullet Color-magnetic monopoles and their role in the QCD fluid

  1. Bullet Dense hadronic matter and astrophysical applications

  1. Bullet Quasiparticle models

  1. Bullet Polyakov loop-extended Nambu Jona-Lasinio model and its applications

    to QCD thermodynamics and phase diagram


Our projects are being pursued in close contact with experiments at major accelerator facilities, e.g., CERN (Geneva), RHIC (BNL), GSI (Darmstadt)

We have active collaborations

with several institutions and universities:

  1. Bullet Technical University Munich (Germania)

  1. BulletCatania University (Italy)

  1. Bullet ECT* Trento (Italy)

  1. Bullet Torino University (Italy)

  1. Bullet Theory Division at CERN (Switzerland)

Heavy ion collision experiments are now running at RHIC

(BNL) and at the LHC (CERN)!