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“Carbon nanotube-graphene junctions studied by impedance spectra”, M. Gao, Z. Huang, B. Zeng, T. S. Pan, Y. Zhang, H.B. Peng, and Yuan Lin, Applied Physics Letters 106, 051601 (2015).(Link:


“Chemical vapor deposition of thin crystals of layered semiconductor SnS2 for fast photo-detection application”,

G. Su, V.G. Hadjiev, P.E. Loya, J. Zhang, S. Lei, S. Maharjan, P. M. Ajayan, J. Lou, H.B. Peng, Nano Letters 15, 506 (2015). (Link:


“Novel layered two-dimensional semiconductors as the building blocks for nano-electronic/photonic systems”,

G. Su, D. De, V.G. Hadjiev, H.B. Peng, Proc. SPIE 9083, Micro- and Nanotechnology Sensors, Systems, and Applications VI, 908304 (June 5, 2014); doi: 10.1117/12.2050068.


“Field effect transistors with layered two-dimensional SnS2-xSex

conduction channels: Effects of selenium substitution”,

T. S. Pan, D. De, J. Manongdo, A. M. Guloy, V. G. Hadjiev, Y. Lin, and H. B. Peng,

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 103, 093108 (2013) (PDF)


“A Comment on the Origin of Conductance Dips at Finite Bias in Andreev Reflection Spectroscopy Data”, H.B. Peng, (arXiv:1305.1086) (A tutorial for correctly understanding AR spectroscopy)


“Electric Field Effects in Ultrathin ZrNBr Nano-crystals”,

D. De, G. Su, S. See, A. Guloy, C.S. Ting, H.B. Peng,

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 103, 043107 (2013) (PDF)


“Absence of zero-energy surface bound states in CuxBi2Se3 studied via Andreev reflection spectroscopy”

Haibing Peng, Debtanu De, Bing Lv, Fengyan Wei, Ching-Wu Chu,

Phys. Rev. B 88, 024515 (2013) (PDF)

(see also: arXiv:1301.1030)


“High mobility and high on/off ratio field-effect transistors based on chemical vapor deposited single-crystal MoS2 grains”, Wei Wu, Debtanu De, Su-Chi Chang, Yanan Wang, Haibing Peng, Jiming Bao, Shin-Shem Pei, Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 142106 (2013) (PDF)

(see also: arXiv:1303.0086)


“Phonon probe of local strains in SnSxSe2−x mixed crystals”, V. G. Hadjiev, D. De, H. B. Peng, J. Manongdo,  A. M. Guloy, Phys. Rev. B 87, 104302 (2013) (Link)


“High on/off ratio field effect transistors based on exfoliated crystalline SnS2 nano-membranes”, Debtanu De, John Manongdo, Sean See, Vincent Zhang, Arnold Guloy and Haibing Peng, Nanotechnology 24, 025202 (Link)


"Andreev reflection spectroscopy in nano-scale normal metal/superconductor devices featuring Fe1+yTe1-xSex ", Haibing Peng, Debtanu De, Zheng Wu, Carlos Diaz-Pinto, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 24, 455703 (2012). (PDF) (arXiv: 1201.2881).


“Negative differential conductance in nano-scale normal metal/superconductor/normal metal junctions featuring Fe1+yTe1-xSex”, D. De, C. Diaz-Pinto, Z. Wu, H.B. Peng, Philosophical Magazine 92, 3824 (2012).(PDF)


“AB-Stacked Multilayer Graphene Synthesized via Chemical Vapor Deposition: A Characterization by Hot Carrier Transport”

Carlos Diaz Pinto, Debtanu De, Viktor G. Hadjiev, and Haibing Peng, ACS Nano 6, 1142 (2012). (


“Probing phonon emission via hot carrier transport in suspended graphitic multilayers” ,

Carlos Diaz Pinto, Sungbae Lee, Viktor G. Hadjiev, and Haibing Peng, Solid State Communications (Fast Track) 151, 1645 (2011).(PDF)  (See also:


“Tunable magnetoresistance behavior in suspended graphitic multilayers through ion implantation”,

Carlos Diaz-Pinto, Xuemei Wang, Sungbae Lee, Viktor G. Hadjiev,

 Debtanu De, Wei-Kan Chu and Haibing Peng,

Phys. Rev. B, 83, 235410 (2011). (PDF)

(see also:


“Hot electron transport in suspended multilayer graphene”,

Sungbae Lee, Nelka Wijesinghe, Carlos Diaz Pinto, and Haibing Peng, Phys. Rev. B. 82, 045411 (2010). (PDF)


Before 2008


"Microwave electromechanical resonator consisting of clamped carbon nanotubes in an abacus arrangement",

H. B. Peng, C.W. Chang, S. Aloni, T.D. Yuzvinsky, A. Zettl,

Physical Review B 76, 035405 (2007).


"Ultrahigh Frequency Nanotube Resonators",

H. B. Peng, C.W. Chang, S. Aloni, T.D. Yuzvinsky, A. Zettl,

Physical Review Letters 97, 087203 (2006).

(Featured by PhysicsWeb, and Nature Nanotechnology.)


"Limits of Nanomechanical Resonators",

K. Jensen, H.B. Peng, A. Zettl,

[Conference Paper] Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Eds. IEEE

Cat. Number 06EX411C (2006).


"Room-temperature single-charge sensitivity in carbon nanotube field-effect transistors",

H. B. Peng, M.E. Hughes, J.A. Golovchenko,

Applied Physics Letters 89, 243502 (2006).


"Coaxial p- and n-type carbon nanotube transistors with dopant-selective coatings",

H.B. Peng, J.A. Golovchenko,

cond-mat/0508670 (2005).


"Carbon Nanotubes: Growth, Electron Transport Properties, and Device Applications",

H.B. Peng, PhD thesis, Harvard University, 2004.


"Coulomb Blockade in Suspended Si3N4-Coated Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes",

H.B. Peng, J.A. Golovchenko,

Applied Physics Letters 84, 5428 (2004).


"Patterned growth of single-walled carbon nanotube arrays from a vapor-deposited Fe catalyst",

H.B. Peng, T.G. Ristroph, G.M. Schurmann, G.M. King, J. Yoon, V. Narayanamurti, J.A.Golovchenko,

Applied Physics Letters 83, 4238 (2003)

(cover image)


"Exchange biasing and low-field magnetoresistance in La0.67Ca0.33MnO3/La0.5Ca0.5MnO3 bilayers",

H.B. Peng, X.X. Zhang, Z.Xie, H.J. Tao, B. Xu, H. Liu, B.R. Zhao,

Physical Review B 61, 8955 (2000).


"Ordered Surface Structure in La1-xCaxMnO3 Films",

H.B. Peng, B.R. Zhao, Z. Xie, Y. Lin, B.Y. Zhu, Z. Hao, H.J. Tao, B. Xu, C.Y. Wang, H.Chen, F.Wu,

Physical Review Letters 82, 362 (1999).


"Surface Pattern and large low-field magnetoresistance in La0.5Ca0.5MnO3 Films",

H.B. Peng, B.R. Zhao, Z. Xie, Y. Lin, B.Y. Zhu, Z. Hao, Y.M. Ni, H.J. Tao, X.L. Dong, B. Xu,

Applied Physics Letters 74, 1606 (1999).


"Probing local leakage current and ferroelectricity of Pb(Zr0.53,Ti0.47)O3/YBa2Cu3O7-x heterostructure by a modified atomic force microscope",

Z.Xie, E.Z. Luo, J.B.Xu, I.H. Wilson, H.B.Peng, L.H.Zhao, B.R.Zhao,

Applied Physics Letters 76, 1923 (2000)


"Studies of leakage current inhomogeneity of Pb(Zr,Ti)O3/YBa2Cu3Ox heterostructures on a nanometer scale",

Z.Xie, E.Z.Luo, H.B.Peng, B.R.Zhao, G.D.Hu, I.H.Wilson, J.B.Xu, L.H.Zhao,

Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 254, 112 (1999)


"Asymmetry in the hysteresis loop of Pb(Zr0.53Ti0.47)O3/SiO2/Si structures",

Y.Lin, B.R.Zhao, H.B.Peng, Z.Hao, B.Xu, Z.X.Zhao, J.S.Chen,

Journal of Applied Physics 86(8), 4467 (1999)


"Growth and polarization features of highly (100) oriented Pb(Zr0.53Ti0.47)O3 films on Si with ultrathin SiO2 buffer layer",

Y.Lin, B.R.Zhao, H.B. Peng, B.Xu, H.Chen, F.Wu, H.J.Tao, Z.X.Zhao, J.S.Chen,

Applied Physics Letters 73, 2781 (1998)

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