Our research focus lies in a variety of novel nanostructures.

We are interested in the electronic and mechanical properties of such nanostructures.


Synthesis of novel nanostructures


We develop new low-dimensional NEMS nanostructures, design suitable methods for sub-nanometer mechanical motion detection, understand the device physics associated with such NEMS structures, and seek potential solutions to integrate such NEMS devices into large-scale production. The representative nanostructures are based on suspended low-dimensional graphitic structures such as one-dimensional carbon nanotubes and two-dimensional graphene sheets. The fabrication strategy explores both the top-down process (lithography) and the bottom-up process (self-assembly).


Electron transport studies under high magnetic fields and high frequencies


One focus is to query the coupling between the electronic freedom and the mechanical freedom into the nanometer scale, through high-frequency electron transport experiments carried out at temperatures down to 270 mK and under high magnetic fields up to 17T. We aim at advancing the understanding of the rich interaction between electronic states and mechanical motion into the nano-scale regime. Another focus is the magneto-transport study of new materials. For example, we are interested in the Quantum hall effect in Graphene and other new materials.





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