Handbook of Porphyrin Science
Cumulative Index (Vol. 1-15)
Table of Contents (Vol. 1-10)
Table of Contents (Vol. 11-15)

Edited by Karl M Kadish (University of Houston, USA), Kevin M Smith (Louisiana State University, USA) & Roger Guilard (Université de Bourgogne, France)

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Contents of published volumes 1-15:
Volumes 16-25 in preparation: (alphabetical listing)
  • Applications II
  • Biochemistry of Tetrapyrroles. Part II
  • Biophysical and Physicochemical Studies of Tetrapyrroles
  • Catalysis
  • Chlorophyll and Related Systems
  • Coordination Chemistry towards Materials
  • Theoretical, Electron Transfer and Physical Studies
  • New Synthetic Aspects
  • X-Ray and Spectroscopic Studies
  • Vitamin B12 and Related Systems