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Imaging Physics Laboratory


Welcome to the home page for the Imaging Physics Laboratory (IPL) . The laboratory is currently funded through a research grant from the National Institute of Health (NIH). Please check out the links above to learn more about our group. The IPL is formed with a mission to explore advanced imaging physics and photonics concepts for applications in medicine, bio-physics and material sciences. We believe that our interdisciplinary research can have broader applications both in fundamental understanding and technology development. Some details of our interdisciplinary research can be  found here...

Research key words: Imaging Physics, Spectral x-ray imaging, Biophotonics, Medical imaging, Tomography, Photon counting x-ray detectors, Tomographic reconstruction methods for sparse data, Image science, Image perception, Biophyiscs

Mini Das, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Physics

University of Houston

Houston, TX 77204

email : mdas[at]uh[dot]edu

    Recent News

* New patents from our group on phase contrast x-ray imaging. Click here ....

  1. *Our research was presented at the 2nd International Workshop on Medical Applications of Spectral X-ray Detectors held at CERN, Geneva  (April, 2013, speaker: Das)

  1. *Gursoy, Das: single step x-ray phase retrieval in  Optics Letters (May, 2013)

  1. *Two papers from our group were presented at SPIE Medical Imaging conference 2013 (Visual Search Model Observers : Lau, Das, Gifford  and Photon-Counting Detectors and single-step phase retrieval: Gursoy, Das).

  1. *Travis Covert (Physics undergrad) selected for Proctor and Gamble summer internship. Congrats!

  1. *IPL paper at APS March Meeting “Physics of Cancer Section -Imaging”.

  1. *IPL paper at SPIE Medical Imaging 2012

Postdoctoral positions, RA positions and internships available.

For details of the postdoctoral positions please click here....

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