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UH Program Coord:
John Wilson
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Prof. Marj Corcorran
UH Faculty Sponsor:
Prof. L. Pinsky

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Program for High School Physics Teachers

General Information:

Quarknet is a program sponsored by the Department of Energy which pairs high school science teachers with active researchers in particle and nuclear physics. The teachers get involved in real research projects with the physicists. This summer we are looking for lead teachers, with the expectation that they will be involved in the program for several years. Both Rice and the University of Houston are involved, so we are looking for a total of four teachers, two for each institution. The program this summer is for 8 weeks and carries a stipend for the teachers of $4.4K for the 8-week period. The 8 weeks includes a trip to Fermilab during the week of June 20-26, with June 19 and 27 being travel days. Travel expenses and living expenses at Fermilab for the teachers are covered by Quarknet.

During the summer of 2005 we will be hosting a 3-week workshop for 10 or so teachers from each institution. We expect the lead teachers who work with us in summer 2005 to help set up and run this workshop. I think it is likely that Rice and UH will join forces on the workshop, so that there will be just one, with all four lead teachers helping, and with on the order of 20 teachers. Teachers taking part in the 2005 workshops will receive a stipend of $300 per week. After 2005 how we proceed is more or less up to us, but we will have funds to pay teachers $60/day for up to five days. We could run a 1-week workshop, or have professional development days during the academic year. We expect that the university groups will continue to act as resources for the teachers. There are also lots of other opportunities such as NSF funding for Research Experiences for Teachers.

Quarknet is a very well-established program, with over 50 centers in many parts of the country. Houston is somewhat of a latecomer to the program.

There are a number of possible research topics. We plan to let the teachers choose a project that most fits their interests and abilities. Some of the possible projects are based in Houston, some could be based at one of the national labs such as Fermilab, Brookhaven, or the European laboratory CERN. The Quarknet program pays teacher travel and living expenses for projects that require them to be at a lab.

Interested teachers should fill out and submit the online Application Form. This form can be used by teachers who may be interested in applying for one of the 4 Lead Teacher positions being selected for this (2004) summer, as well as by those teachers whose interest may be limited to future participation in years 2005 and beyond.

Questions may be emailed to any of the following individuals:

Rice Faculty Coord.: Prof. Marj Corcorran: corcoran@physics.rice.edu

UH Faculty Coord.: Prof. L. Pinsky: pinsky@uh.edu

UH Program Coord. Robert Dubois: Robert Dubois rdubois@uh.edu

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