The STEGG conference consisted of contributed talks, posters, and a keynote presentation by Howard Ochman.

8:30am Breakfast
9:15am Opening remarks
9:30am Jeff Rogers (Baylor College of Medicine)
"Papio baboons: a present-day model for ancient hominin genetic introgression"
9:50am Becky Zufall (University of Houston)
"Tetrahymena genome architecture allows success without sex"
10:10amKim Worley (Baylor College of Medicine)
"Sheep Reference Genome Sequence Updates: Texel Improvements and Rambouillet Progress"
11:00amRich Meisel (University of Houston)
"High rate of sex chromosome turnover in house flies and their close relatives"
11:15amXian Fan (Rice University & MD Anderson)
"An Integrative Approach Utilizing Illumina and Pacbio Sequences for Powerful Structural Variant Detection"
11:30amJames Cai (Texas A&M)
"Epistasis and destabilizing mutations shape gene expression variability via distinct modes of action"
11:45amSusan Rosenberg (Baylor College of Medicine)
"How bacteria and cancer cells regulate mutagenesis and their ability to evolve"
12:15pmLunch & Posters
2:00pm Alan Pepper (Texas A&M)
"Caulanthus amplexicaulis: An emerging genetic model for the study of adaptation to extreme terrestrial environments"
2:30pm Ata Kalirad (University of Houston)
"The Melting Snowball: A Test of the Snowball Theory Using RNA"
2:45pm Katherine Barthel (UT Tyler)
"Taxonomic Clarification of Rose Mallow Using Evolutionary Genetics and Ecological Niche Modeling"
3:00pm Anke Konrad (Texas A&M)
"Mitochondrial Variation in Light of Heteroplasmy and Differing Population Size"
3:15pm Coffee
3:45pm Howard Ochman (UT Austin)
"The evolution of genome size and complexity"
4:45pm Closing remarks & Awards
5:00pm Happy hour