Recent major grants



RAPID: Collaborative Research: Do mangroves provide better coastal protection than salt marshes? A Hurricane Harvey case study from Port Aransas, Texas, USA. National Science Foundation. $ 29,068 to UH. 10/1/2017 to 9/30/2018.



Are Micronutrients Important in Structuring Plant and Herbivore Communities? A Test in Coastal Tallgrass Prairies. National Science Foundation. Chelse Prather at Radford University is the PI, $270,542 subcontract to Steve Pennings (Senior Personnel) at UH. 5/1/2015 to 4/30/2018.



Mangroves are invading Texas salt marshes: what are the consequences? TX Sea Grant. Steve Pennings PI. $176,603. 2014-2016.



Climate effects on ANPP of saltmarshes of the North American Atlantic coast—a hierarchical model approach. Postdoctoral proposal for Kazik Wieski. $37,648. 2012-2013.


LTER: Georgia Coastal Ecosystems III. National Science Foundation. Merryl Alber PI, Steve Pennings Co-PI. $5,880,000. 2012-2018.



Collaborative Research: Biophysical alteration of wetland geomorphology in response to rising sea level. National Science Foundation. Steven Pennings, $105,854; with parallel award to Duncan FitzGerald at Boston University. 2011-2014.


Mangroves invading Texas salt marshes: does it matter? Texas Sea Grant. $176,603 to UH, with parallel award to Anna Armitage at Texas A&M Galveston. 2012-2014.



RAPID Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Insights into salt marsh food webs from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. National Science Foundation. $131,115. 2010-2011.



Marsh platform dissection as a response to sea level rise: physical mechanisms of erosion.  DOE National Institute for Climatic Change Research. $28,000.



Collaborative proposal: Latitudinal variation in top-down and bottom-up control of salt marsh herbivores. National Science Foundation. Steven Pennings. $267,743, with parallel proposal at UMD by Bob Denno. 2007-2010.


Dissection of Platform Marshes by Ecophysical Processes in Response to Sea-Level Rise. Duncan FitzGerald et al. National Institute for Coastal Climate Research. $56,000 subcontract to UH. 2007-2008.



GCE II: Georgia coastal ecosystems. National Science Foundation. Merryl Alber (PI), Steve Pennings (Co-PI). $4,920,000. 2007-2012.



Effects of sea level rise and climate variability on ecosystem services of tidal marshes, south Atlantic Coast.  USEPA.  Craft, C. (PI), Joy, S. (Co-PI), Pennings, S. C. (Co-PI), Park, D. (Co-PI) and Ehman, J. (Co-PI).  $749,974.  January 2005-December 2007.



Latitudinal differences in plant-herbivore interactions in Europe.  National Geographic Society.  $16,500.  1 year.



Latitudinal gradients in plant palatability in Atlantic coast salt marshes.  National Science Foundation.  $314, 125.  3 years.


Last updated 1/2019