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Science of the BP Oil Spill

Meauring impacts of the BP Oil Spill

Oil spill impacts on wetlands

    Louisiana Fox8 story:

    ABC story:

National Geographic, Giant Vacuum to help bugs

Musical tribute to Steve's PhD research



Popular Press

Effect of BP oil spill on fiddler crabs:


BP Oil Spill: CNN

RAPID funding to study oil spill

PLoS ONE manuscript about BP Oil Spill

    Science Daily

    Mission Blue

Chuan-Kai's paper on Bergmann's rule

Huy Vu's research featured in Darien News


Spartina arthropod guide

A guide to identifying the more common arthropods found in Spartina alterniflora stands on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the US. Contributions to improve the guide are welcome.


Last updated 11/2016