Chelse Prather, Research Scientist








Academic History:

Assistant Professor, Radford University, 2014-present

Postdoc, Florida State University, 2010-2011

Ph.D. University of Notre Dame. 2010


Research Interests:

I am interested in how land use history affects the composition, diversity and biomass of prairie plant and arthropod communities.  My PhD research examined effects of disturbance, herbivory and detritivory on tropical forest plants.



Choate, DM*, CM Prather*, MJ Michel, AK Baldridge, MA Barnes, D Hoekman, CJ Patrick, J Regg, TA Crowl. Integrating Theory: a Graphical Model for Graduate Students and Researchers. Bioscience. (Accepted; *=authors contributed equally to manuscript)

Ball, BA, JS Kominoski, HE Adams, SE Jones, ES Kane, TD Loeke, WM Mahaney, JP Martina, CM Prather, TMP Robinson, CT Solomon. 2010. Direct and Terrestrial Vegetation-mediated Effects of Environmental Change on Aquatic Ecosystem Processes. Bioscience: 60: 590-601.

Prather, CM, DM Choate, MJ Michel. 2009. Putting the Ph. back in PhD: framing graduate research in a theoretical context. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 7: 389-390.


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