Prospective students


Graduate students


Iím interested in graduate students who want to pursue ecological research within coastal wetlands or coastal prairies.  Topics of interest to me include grasshopper behavior and population dynamics, effects of mangrove expansion on coastal wetland ecology, synthesizing data on primary production of coastal salt marshes, synthesizing data on plant community structure of coastal salt marshes, modeling plant productivity and structure in coastal wetlands, and Native American and European legacy effects on terrestrial plant communities in coastal habitats. Prospective students should also bring their ideas.


I generally provide a relatively structured research experience for MS students and expect PhD students to be relatively independent, but this approach is tailored to the experience, personality and research direction of each student.  At the moment, I am most interested in PhD students and will take MS students only under exceptional circumstances.


My students have been funded by a combination of fellowships, research assistantships, and instructional assistantships.  If youíre in my lab, Iíll work with you to help you get funding to do your work.


The ideal applicant for a PhD would be self-motivated, have an MS degree or extensive research experience, and have good grades and test scores. 


If youíre interested in working in my lab, I encourage you to contact me directly to discuss your interests before you formally apply.


Undergraduate students


There are opportunities for interested undergraduates to work in my laboratory as research assistants.  I'm most interested in students who can work over the summer as well as during the academic year, and in students who are considering a career in some aspect of the environmental sciences.


I can sponsor students interested in doing independent research/senior thesis projects.  Research/thesis projects must be relevant to ongoing work in my lab (I can suggest ideas).  Undergraduate students interested in doing a research project should discuss possible projects with me in the spring.  Most projects will require spending a summer doing field research.  Funding may be available from the University or from my grants to support summer research.


Updated 1/2019