Sayantani Dastidar

Sontee in the field at Sapelo Island GA.



Academic History:

MS UT Austin, 2009

BS Texas Tech University, 2004


Research Interests:

My MS project focused on the evolution of early angiosperms. My PhD work is focusing on the ecological processes and implications of mangrove expansion into coastal marshes in Texas.



Guo, H., C. Weaver, S. Charles, A. Whitt, S. Dastidar, P. D'Odorico, J. D. Fuentes, J. S. Kominoski, A. R. Armitage and S. C. Pennings. Coastal regime shifts: rapid responses of coastal wetlands to changes in mangrove cover. In press, Ecology.


DR Hansen, SG Dastidar, Z Cai, C Penaflor, JV Kuehl, JL Boore, RK Jansen. 2007. Phylogenetic and evolutionary implications of complete chloroplast genome sequences of four early-diverging angiosperms: Buxus (Buxaceae), Chloranthus (Chloranthaceae), Dioscorea (Dioscoreacea), and Illicium (Schisandraceae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 45:547-563.


Updated 12/2016