Sayantani Dastidar

Sontee in the field at Sapelo Island GA.



Academic History:

MS UT Austin, 2009

BS Texas Tech University, 2004


Research Interests:

My MS project focused on the evolution of early angiosperms. PhD project to be determined.



DR Hansen, SG Dastidar, Z Cai, C Penaflor, JV Kuehl, JL Boore, RK Jansen. 2007. Phylogenetic and evolutionary implications of complete chloroplast genome sequences of four early-diverging angiosperms: Buxus (Buxaceae), Chloranthus (Chloranthaceae), Dioscorea (Dioscoreacea), and Illicium (Schisandraceae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 45:547-563.


Updated 10/2012