Youzheng Zhang


Address: College of Life Sciences, Fudan University

(Jiangwan campus), No. 2005 Songhu Rd., Shanghai 200433, PR China





Academic History:

2014-present, PhD program, Fudan University

2014: BS in Environmental Science, Anhui University


Research Interests:

Biogeographic approach to understanding mechanism and effects of biological invasions.
Latitudinal variation in litter-detritivore interactions between native and invasive plants.



J Wu*, H Chen, Y Zhang. 2016. Latitudinal variation in nematode diversity and ecological roles along the Chinese coast. Ecology and Evolution, 6(22): 8018-8027.

M Cui, Y Zhang, Z Wang, Y Li, Y Dou*. 2014. Nitrogen removal from runoff by two kinds of improved soil infiltration systems. Chinese Journal of Environmental Engineering, 8(12): 5305-5310 (In Chinese).



Updated 6/2018