Zoe Hughes, Visiting Scholar

contact me at: zoeh@bu.edu


Zoe with instrument

Zoe deploying instrument in creek




Academic History:

Visiting Scholar at UH. 2010.

Post-Doctoral Associate/Instructor at Boston University. 2004-present

Environmental consultant, Metoc, UK. 2003-2004.

Ph.D. Southhampton University. 2003


Research Interests:

I am a coastal oceanographer who has snuck into the Pennings Lab while no one was looking. I study tidal and wave hydrodynamics, sediment transport and morphodynamics in shallow coastal environments (such as estuaries and backbarrier systems). My link to this group lies in how physics and ecology interact: vegetation and fauna influencing geomorphology and vice versa. 



Selected Publications:

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Updated 11/2010