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The Teets Group, established in 2014, studies mechanistic inorganic chemistry, catalysis, and photochemistry. Please visit our pages to learn more about the group members and our research.

Teets Group, March 2018

Pictured left to right: Ge Mu, Burny Lai, Evanta Kabir, Hanah Na, Mina Song, Tom Teets, Louise Cañada, Ku Sun Choung, Jong-Hwa Shon

Recent News

May 2018: Hanah's paper on cyclometalated iridium complexes with acyclic diaminocarbene ancillary ligands appears online in Journal of the American Chemical Socitey. Some innovative "on-complex" syntheses and impressive blue emission - give it a read!

May 2018: The accolades keep piling up for Hanah, who was awarded a Professor Jay K. Kochi Graduate Fellowship, the top graduate research award in the Department of Chemistry. Congrats!

April 2018: Tom's book review is published online in ChemPhotoChem.

March 2018: Congrats to Hanah, who was selected by the International Precious Metals Institute to receive the Sabin metal Ron Bleggi Student Award!

November 2017: Jong-Hwa's paper on potent cyclometalated iridium photoreductants is published online in Inorganic Chemistry. Excited-state redox potentials, Stern-Volmer plots, electron transfer kinetics, and more!

November 2017: Ku Sun, Din, and Richard's paper on platinum complexes of fluorinated β-Diketiminate ligands appears in Inorganic Chemistry. Check it out if you're interested in unusual ligand binding modes, redox-active ligands, and luminescence.

November 2017: Undergraduate chemistry major Mina Song joins the Teets group. Welcome!

September 2017: Tom is selected as the recipient of the 2017 ACS Greater Houston Section Younger Chemist Award.

August 2017: Some recent roster transactions: Undergrad Rakib Morshed leaves the group to start a peteroleum engineering internship, and new arrival David Momtaz makes his debut.

August 2017: New publication from the group: Ayan, Jonas and Hanah demonstrate an unusual cyclometalation reaction involving boranes and cyclometalated iridium in Dalton Transactions.

July 2017: Congrats to Hanah, Ayan, and Rakib on their recent paper in Organometallics about cyclometalated iridium dicarbene complexes formed by "on-complex" functionalization of isocyanides. Check it out here!

July 2017: Richard Guo departs after a productive one-month stint supported by the Welch Summer Scholars program.

June 2017: Comings and goings: Best wishes to Mohammad Din Islam, recent M.S. graduate, and undergraduate Dhruti Patel, who departs for UNT's Medical Science Masters program. We welcome three new additions as well: undergraduates Boi-Lien Nguyen and Monserrath Hernandez, and high school student Richard Guo.