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Physics 1322

Physics Resources
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Web Based Physics Resources

Physics Sites

Yahoo! - Science:Physics
Yahoo! - Science:Physics:Indices
Yahoo's List of Sites with Lists of Physics Sites, which is reproduced here as of 2/6/97.

Yahoo! - Science:Physics:Education:Higher Education:Courses:Courses Online


Institute of Physics
American Institute of Physics
Physics Web
The Internet Pilot To Physics
Physics Education in North America
Kami! Home Page: Java Applets (English)

This site is one that that has the really neat animations and simultions of stuff in Physics.

The U of O Physics Student Page
This site has a bunch of examples and problems.
The Interactive Physics Problem Set Contents Page
The Interactive Physics Problem Set Contents Page
Another site with on-line problems. Mostly 1311!
Help for Physics Students
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Physics
Newton's Laws of Motion Workshop Lessons
Cutting Edge Science on the slopes
The Physics Hypertextbook
University of Illinois Physics 101
University of Illinois Physics 140
209 Physics I Lecture Notes (University of Wisconsin)
This is a Web Page for a virtually identical course to Physics 1311
IUN/FYDE Introductory Physics Notes
University of Winnipeg General Physics Web Page
Harvard Physics 15b
Equivalent to Honors 2313
Eric's Treasure Trove of Physics
Cheryl Tripplet's Physics Pages
Learn Physics Today
Another Interactive tutorial developed by a high school class!
202 General Physics II (University of Wisconsin)
Web page for a course much like 1302
Physics 319 - Scientific Computing (TAMU)
Has Phys 1311 examples
Physics 211, General Physics Lab (University of Kentucky)
Has Java Applets that Do Examples
How Does a Little Thing Like That Work?
Physics Demonstration site
Bang! Boing! Pop!?
Interactive Site With Instructive Java Applets
Impact and Gravity Simulator
Interactive Site Good for 1311, Ch 10 and 14.
Web Physics
Physics Real Life Examples
Hands on Physics
Bungee: Advanced Mechanics
Science 122 (Honolulu Community College)
The Nature of Physical Science
Physics 131 (Ohio State University)
Another Mechanics Course Home Page
Physics 161 (University of Oregon)
Another Mechanics Course Home Page
Fundamentals of Physics
The Halliday, Resnick and Walker Web Site
Physics Tutorials
University of Guelph Physics Tutorials
Physics Problem Solving
Requires Registration
My Tutor
An online tutoring service. No endorsement implied!
Kepler's Law's and Newton's without Calculus
Chabot College Astronomy Site
Physics Net -Interactive Physics on the Net
Requires Special Plug-in
Stevenson High School Physics Web Page
This site has a lot of good worked examples.
SIEC Energy and Matter Links
Physics is Phun
An example of how to use the Web for science instruction developed by a high school class in Australia. Neat and well presented.
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Kernphysik
The "Scientific Activities" section gives information on the experiments the institute is currently involved in
Univ. of Pittsburgh, Dept. of Physics
One of the better University links
The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Institute (SNOI)
Read about a neutrino study
Explore Science
Animated demos explain the concepts, mostly physics
Virtual Trips to Black Holes and Neutron Stars
animations and explanations of what you see
Asteroid Virtual Reality Movies
More entertainment than education, but...
The Mad Scientist Network
large brains who are crazy about science.. demos and ask-an-expert areas
String Theory Web Site
Bill Nye, The Science Guy
'nuff said!
Exploring Gravity
G.Tek Cyber School
Particle Adventure
Albert Einstein Online
K-12 Science Ed. Resources
Cool Links to Hot Topis in Physics
Moscow State University
St. Petersburg State University
Syracuse Physics -Educational Modules and Simultationsl
What is Chaos?
Superluminal Motion - Fact or Fiction?
Physics Games Amusement Park
D. Rennon's Physics Links


And Last, but not least.....

Physics Humor Links
A collection of humor from across the Web.
More Physics Humor
The Cartoon Laws of Physics

Educational Materials and Space Physics

  1. ISPEC - International Space Physics Educational Consortium
  2. Space Physics WWW Reference
  3. UCLA Space Physics Group Tutorials
  4. UCLA Space Physics Group Educational Software
  5. Rice University Public Connection Project
    1. Rice University Space Weather Home Page and Model
  6. Athena, K-12 Curriculum Development
    1. Earth and Sun
    2. The Aurora
  7. Aurora Borealis - the northern lights
  8. Nasa's Observatorium Education Reference Module
  9. Sonoma State University Physics Links
  10. Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Uppsala (IRFU) Wave Group

Other Universities and Professors

  1. Space Scientists' Personal Home Pages
  2. UCLA/IGPP Home Page
  3. IGPP/UCLA SSC Home Page
  4. University of Washington Geophysics Program

Some Guys Named Bob

  1. Bob's Home Page!
  2. C. Robert Clauer, AOSS
  3. Robert L. Lysak

Textbooks on Space Physics

Instabilities in Space and Laboratory Plasmas, by D. B. Melrose

Introduction to Space Physics by M. G. Kivelson and C. T. Russell

The Solar-Terrestrial Environment, by J. K. Hargreaves

Data Archives

  1. National Space Science Data Center
  2. NASA's Space Physics Data System - An Introduction
  3. IMP-8 Project Information
  4. Solar images at SDAC
  5. NASA Shuttle Web
  6. National Geophysical Data Center
  7. National Geophysical Data Center, Solar Terrestrial Physics, GEOMAG SUB 1
  8. ALIS Control Centre
  9. Sprites and Jets
  10. Current Weather Maps/Movies
  11. Planetary Data System / Planetary Plasma Interactions Node (PDS/PPI)
  12. UCLA Space Physics Data System
  13. CDAWeb (ISTP Public)

Government Agencies

  1. National Science Foundation
  2. http://www.nsf.gov:80/od/opp/start.htm
  3. http://www.nsf.gov:80/od/opp/publist.htm
  4. NASA Home Page
  5. NASA Space Physics Division Home Page
  6. Laboratory for Terrestrial Physics - NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
  7. NIST Physics Laboratory
  8. Plasma Physics Lab, Naval Research Lqboratory

Journals, Programs and Professional Organizations

  1. AGU Home Page - American Geophysical Union
  2. AGU Space Physics and Aeronomy Section Home Page
  3. JGR-Space Physics Home Page
  4. Eos Electronic Supplement
  5. The NCAR CEDAR Home Page
  6. NSF Geospace Environment Modeling (GEM) Program Home Page
  7. Science Daily (not just physics, but good)
  8. Planet Science (not just physics, but good)
  9. American Journal of Physics

Other Stuff

  1. University of Houston Home Page
  2. Houston Real-Time Traffic Map
  3. AccuTraffic: Houston, TX
  4. AccuTraffic Home Page
  5. Mosaic and External Viewers
  6. HTML By Example Home Page
  7. Tumbleweed Viewer
  8. Novell Free Software: Envoy 1.0a Viewer
  10. UH Space Physics Group
  11. Dr. E. A. Bering
  12. The InterNIC InfoGuide Home Page
  13. Virtual Vineyards
  14. WebMuseum: Bienvenue! (ticket office)


At this point, you can go to the 1322 page, the UH Space Physics Group Web Site, or my personal Home Page.

Edgar A. Bering, III , <eabering@uh.edu>