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The Keck/IMD NMR Center at the University of Houston was established in 1993 and is equipped with the state-of-the-art 800 MHz and 600 MH NMR instruments. The Center strives to be a center of active research and education for NMR learning and applications. The Center is a member of the Gulf Coast Consortia for Magnetic Resonance (GCC-MR) The NMR Center provides instrument time and technical assistance to users on the UH campus and from else where, of both academic and industry. A variety of molecules, including proteins, nucleic acids, their complexes, organic molecules, polymers, metabolic molecules, and natural products have been studied at the Center. These studies have led to important publications and increased research funding for faculty researchers. The NMR Center has developed a series of advanced multi-nuclear multi-dimensional NMR experiments and the related software/tools for proteins and other biomolecules The NMR Center has direct access to the Chemical Shift Correlated Protein Data Base (CSCPDB) for assisting userís protein NMR assignments. For details of the instrument use and questions about user policy and service, please visit www.nmr.uh.edu.

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