Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Trained to Use the Instruments?
  • To schedule a training, please contact our NMR Facility Staff
    • For solution state NMR spectroscopy instruments Avance III 800 and Avance III 600, please contact Kevin
  • To gain access to the NMR facility, you must take the Magnetic Field Safety Training. Also schedule a training with Kevin.
How Do I Schedule Instrument Time?
  • The NMR Facility Staff will grant you access to the spectrometers for which you have been trained.
  • Our new online schedular is under construction, and will be avaible soon.
Can the NMR Facility Staff Collect My Data For Me?
  • Yes.  We encourage users to become trained so that they can collect data as needed. However, upon request the NMR Facility Staff will collect your data for you.
What are the Spectrometer Recharge Rates?
What are the NMR Facility Safety Policies?
  • Please review our safety policies here
How Should I Save And Archive My Data?

1) The server is for temporary data storage only. Data you place there should be copied to your office computer. Files will be deleted from the server by the system administrator on a regular basis.

2) You must use secure FTP A.K.A. SFTP (not plain FTP) to connect to the NMR server. You must therefore use an FTP program that supports secure FTP.

3) You must be connected to the campus network either through ethernet or through a wireless router that has a static campus IP address.

Can I Reuse NMR Tubes?

The quality of NMR Tubes can make a big difference for you data, however good tubes can be expensive.  It is possible to reuse your expensive NMR tubes with proper cleaning.  To learn how to properly clean your NMR tubes, check out this page from Wilmad Lab-Glass: