Rich Meisel's research group is in the Department of Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Houston. We use lab experiments, genomic data, and molecular biology techniques to study a broad range of questions in evolutionary biology. Most of our research addresses how environmental variation and sex differences influence genetic and phenotypic diversity within populations and between species. To those ends, we have two primary foci in our current research: (1) the evolution of sex chromosomes and sex determination, and (2) interactions between animals and bacteria. Our lab is housed in rooms 428 and 433 of Science and Research Building 2, in a space shared with the Kelleher lab.

Interested in joining the lab? We are continuously recruiting graduate students, post-docs, and undergraduates to collaborate on wet lab and computational projects. We accept graduate students through the Ecology and Evolution and Cell and Molecular Biology degree programs. Post-doc candidates should apply directly to Rich Meisel (rpmeisel <at> uh <dot> edu). Undergraduates can earn course credits, work-study salary, research fellowships, and/or work toward an honors thesis.