Meisel Group Members

Rich Meisel
Assistant Professor

rpmeisel <at> uh <dot> edu

Graduate Students

Interested in joining the lab?

We accept graduate students through the
Ecology and Evolution and
Cell and Molecular Biology
degree programs.

Jae Hak Son

Jae is using functional genomics to study how the house fly sex determination pathway and sex chromosomes affect gene expression.

Kiran Adhikari

Kiran is studying polygenic sex determination in house fly.

Danial Asgari

Danial is studying the effect of bacteria on house fly gene expression.

Undergraduate and Post-baccalaureate Students

Want to join the lab? Students can earn course credits, work-study salary, or an honors thesis.

Dalia Aldin (2016-present)

Jessica Cambric (2018)

Kaylin Gant (2017-present)

Zena Karagoli (2015-present)

Tylia Kim (2018)

Tammie Lam (2018)

Taylor Nunley (2018)

Samantha Pacheco (2018)

Rahul Vanchinathan (2018), Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow (2018)



Christopher Gonzales - Technician (2014-2016)

Melissa Li - Technician (2014)

Graduate Students

Bukola Oguntuase - Visited our lab from the University of Technology in Akure, Nigeria. She used molecular markers to study the population structure of the flat-headed cusimanse (2016)

Jose Torres Gonzalez - Rotation Student (2016)

Shuo Zhang - Rotation Student (2014)

Cameron Love - Rotation Student (2014)

Undergrads and Postbacs

Sandra Achonye (2014-2015)

Kiran Akbani (2014)

Hyder S. Aljanabi (2018)

Ali Alshabeeb (2016)

Samantha Andrade (2014)

Likhitha Bodi (2016-2018)

Quinten Bolden (2014-2015), continued on to UT Health Science Center at Houston School Of Nursing

Keith Chen (2015-2016), continued on to School of Graduate Studies at Rutgers

Adrian Garcia (2014-2015), continued on to job in software development

Destini Gorrer (2013)

Margaret Hart (2014-2016), continued on to Baylor College of Medicine

Tomi Hassan (2016-2018), Provost's Undergraduate Research Scholar (2017)

Jaweria Jaweria (2015-2017), Mindlin Undergraduate Research Fellow (2016) and Provost's Undergraduate Research Scholar (2016)

Elizabeth Joseph (2016)

Aqsa Khan (2016-2018)

Ashley Lee (2015-2017), continued on to Prairie View A&M Nursing School

Eduardo Lopez (2018)

Hoang Luu (2015-2016)

Theo Ng (2014-2015)

Casey Oakes (2015-2016), continued on to Houston Department of Health and Human Services

Alexander Oderhowho (2016), continued on to medical school at UT Health Science Center

Heather Payne (2014-2015)

Ashley Sanchez (2016)

Edwin Santiago (2015), continued on to MD Anderson Medical Dosimetry program

Raina Saxena (2015), continued on to Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine at UNT Health Science Center

Vyshnika Sriskantharajah (2016-2018), continued on to technician position at Baylor College of Medicine

Sydney Stephenson (2015-2017)

Taylor Swindell (2014)

Tammie Trinh (2015-2018), continued on to UT Dental School

Zeel Vora (2016-2017)

Ban Vu (2015-2017), continued on to Doctorate of Pharmacy program at UH

Lejla Zoronjic (2014), Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow (2014), continued on to UT Dental School