Meisel Group Members

Rich Meisel
Associate Professor

rpmeisel <at> uh <dot> edu

Postdoctoral Fellows

Yesbol Manat

Yesbol is studying sex chromosomes and sex differences in aging in house fly. He earned his PhD from Lund University, working with Jessica Abbott on sex chromosome evolution and sexual conflict.

Graduate Students

Interested in joining the lab?

We accept graduate students through the
Ecology and Evolution and
Cell and Molecular Biology
degree programs.

Farnam Ghaem-Maghami

Farnam is studying the effects of house fly proto-Y chromosomes on male mating behavior.

Sohana Al Sanjee

Sohana is studying house fly microbiomes and sex differences in aging.

Undergraduate and Post-baccalaureate Students

Want to join the lab? Students can earn course credits, work-study salary, or an honors thesis.

Heather Ajanel

Sebastian Alvarez

Christian Capule

Pranav Hariharan

Tina Huynh

MC Jurica

Brenda Le

Maryam Mukhtarov

Amara Okoye

Elona Polath

Fatima Rashid

Alexander Sangurima

Onyi Turner

Vuong "Peanut" Vu

Cassidy Wood


Postdoctoral Fellows

Pablo Delclos (2019-2021)
Pablo studied behavioral differences between house flies with different sex determining genotypes. He continued on to a faculty position at University of Houston-Downtown.


Christopher Gonzales - Technician (2014-2016)

Melissa Li - Technician (2014)

Graduate Students

Danial Asgari, PhD (2018-2023)
Danial studied immune gene expression and evolution. He continued on to a postdoctoral position with Ann Tate at Vanderbilt University.

Carolynn Porter (2020-2023)
Carolynn studied recombination in house fly.

Kiran Adhikari, PhD (2016-2021)
Kiran studied thermal phenotypes, gene expression, and microbiomes in house flies with different sex chromosome genotypes. He continued on to a postdoctoral position with Brian Lazzaro at Cornell University, and he is currently

Zhao Zheng (2020-2021)
Zhao studied population genomics of Drosophila pseudoobscura. She continued on to a PhD program at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

Jae Hak Son, PhD (2014-2019)
Jae used functional genomics to study how the house fly sex determination pathway and sex chromosomes affect gene expression. He continued on to a postdoctoral position with Serap Aksoy at the Yale School of Public Health.

Bukola Oguntuase (2016)
Bukola visited our lab from the University of Technology in Akure, Nigeria. She used molecular markers to study the population structure of the flat-headed cusimanse

Jose Torres Gonzalez (2016)
Jose was a rotation student in the Biochemistry program who studied the mating performance of house fly males with different sex determining genotypes

Shuo Zhang (2014)
Shuo was a rotation student in the Ecology and Evolution graduate program who studied house fly sex chromosomes

Cameron Love (2014)
Cameron was a rotation student in the Cell and Molecular Biolgoy graduate program who studied functional divergence of Drosophila duplicated genes