single-molecule metallo-neurobiology

Welcome to the Chen Lab!

The Chen Lab investigates metal homeostasis in healthy and diseased neurons using single-molecule techniques, with the goals to understand how metals affect neuronal signaling and cause neurodegenerative diseases. Chen group members will gain valuable experience in state-of-the-art single-molecule microscopy/spectroscopy characterization, molecular biology, and data analyses. Contact Tai-Yen ( to learn about a perfect research project for you!


    April 2018:

  • Yu-Shan's review article are featured on the cover of Acc. Chem. Res.!
  • Tai-Yen won the Welch Research Grants Award!
  • Feburary 2018:

  • Warm welcome to our new undergraduate student Sunkyung Jung in joining the group!
  • Tai-Yen won the High Priority Area Research Seed Grants Award!
  • January 2018:

  • Tai-Yen will teache undergraduate physical chemistry (CHEM 4370) in spring 2018.
  • Congratulations to Yu-Shan on the acceptance of her review article by Acc. Chem. Res. This article reviews an emerging new paradigm of protein-DNA interactions, in which proteins show concentration-enhanced unbinding from DNA via ternary complexes that are enabled by multivalent protein-DNA contacts.